Kizumonogatari (Audiobook) By Nisio Isin

  • Name: Kizumonogatari Audiobook.

  • Author: NisiOisiN.

  • Published: May 8, 2008.

  • Series: Monogatari #2.

  • Genre: Light Novel, Fantasy, Fiction, Manga and Audiobook.

Audience Review: Kizumonogatari Audiobook:

Kizumonogatari Mp 3 is the vitally light original in the long-showing Monogatari series to NisiOisiN. Kizumonogatari or kizumonogatari: The English translation of Wound Tale is the second piece in the Monogatari series. In general, it is the third book, and the story Koyomi Vamp is in it. It is the essential book to be conveyed in English, and the first to be conveyed as an English book recording.

About a year after the original English release in May 2016, Vertical published the Kizumonogatari Audiobook Unabridged which included the English version. It was the primary English book recording conveyed for the series.

According to the description, Koyomi Araragi warns the reader about the sequence of events he will recount, stating that he must satisfy a notable individual. During Spring Break, which lasts from March 26 to April 7, Koyomi learns about distorted animals and vampires in particular.

For good measure, he says, he can’t wrap up recounting the story, Koyomi ruins the consummation for the peruser: the story will end sadly, with everybody in question turning out to be hopeless. On the evening of Saturday, March 25th, Koyomi meanders around the entryways of Naoetsu Private High School, wondering whether or not to return home on his bicycle as an approach to killing time.

He goes over Tsubasa Hanekawa by some coincidence, perceiving her; as he watches her change the meshes in her hair, a whirlwind blows her skirt up, presenting her underwear to Koyomi.


About Nisio Isin:

To emphasize the palindrome, Nisio Isin is a pseudonymous Japanese manga writer, screenplay essayist, and author. With his clever 2002 film The Beheading Cycle, Nisio won the 23rd Mephisto Prize at the age of twenty.

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