Antigone (Audiobook) Play By Sophocles

  • Name: Antigone Audiobook

  • Author: Sophocles

  • Published: 441 BCE

  • Series: None.

  • Genre: Play.

  • Rating: 5 Stars.

Audience Review: Antigone Audiobook:

Antigone Mp 3 Free is the misfortune of Sophocles that was written about or before 441 BC. Of Theban’s three matches, Antigone is the third to feature the events featured in the games, but the first was named. The play develops Theban’s myth from before it and arrives at the closing of Aeschylus’ Seven against Thebes.

Many sources and media journals refer to this as “It was a wonderful text. I found it very interesting and easy to use. I put this book on people who do not associate with the characters since everyone goes to the end. I really say” I pass “, but, they all kill themselves.”

Antigone CD is an unfortunate tragedy play, which was created by Sophocles in 441 BCE and is the epitome of a similar conflict in which two Oedipus children, Eteocles and Polyneices, kill one another, as the new emperor and his successor, Creon, try to seduce the Polyneices out of deception her by not covering her properly.

When King Creon finds out, he gets angry and orders Antigone to be tied to a wall alive in a funeral home. Perhaps rather than living disrespectfully, Antigone sees it as her strong commitment to the elite and her sibling to end her life by hanging herself.

Antigone Audiobook

About Sophocles:

Sophocles is one of three ancient Greek characters whose plays have endured. His first plays were named later than Aeschylus’; and sooner than, or at the same time, those in Euripides.


Antigone Mp 3


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