Star Wars Ahsoka (Audiobook) By Dave Filoni, E. K. Johnston

Star Wars - Ahsoka Audiobook

Audience Review: Star Wars Ahsoka Audiobook: “Star Wars: Ahsoka Mp 3” by E.K. Johnston is an enthralling novel set in the dearest Star Wars universe. This youthful grown-up sci-fi work dives profound into the existence of Ahsoka Tano, the perplexing and tough previous Jedi Padawan of Anakin Skywalker. Wrote by E.K. Johnston, the book winds … Read more

Star Wars: Bloodline (Audiobook) By Claudia Gray

Star Wars: Bloodline Audiobook

Audience Review: Bloodline Audiobook: Claudia Gray, a gifted author, has created an engaging addition to the Star Wars Expanded Universe called “Star Wars: Bloodline Mp 3“. Gray has already demonstrated her capacity to immerse readers in the Star Wars universe, and “Bloodline” is no exception. Since its delivery, “Star Wars: Bloodline Unabridged Audiobook” has collected … Read more

Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter (Audiobook) By Michael Reaves

Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter Audiobook

Audience Review: Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter Audiobook: “Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter CD” composed by Michael Reaves, is a captivating expansion to the Star Wars Expanded Universe. This exhilarating book recording makes audience members on a move-stuffed venture through the dim and tricky corners of the world, where the famous Sith Lord, Darth Maul, becomes a … Read more

(Star Wars): Red Harvest (Audiobook) By Joe Schreiber

Star Wars: Red Harvest Audiobook

Audience Review: Red Harvest Audiobook: Red Harvest MP 3 is an exhilarating expansion to the huge Star Wars universe. This novel, written by Joe Schreiber, takes readers on a chilling journey into the deepest reaches of the Force. With its extraordinary story and grasping characters, Red Harvest conveys a wonderful mix of ghastliness and sci-fi … Read more

Star Wars: Aftermath – Life Debt (Audiobook) By Chuck Wendig

Star Wars: Aftermath - Life Debt Audiobook

Audience Review: Star Wars: Aftermath – Life Debt Audiobook Life Debt Mp 3 composed by Hurl Wendig, is an exhilarating expansion to the Star Wars extended universe. Set in the outcome of the Battle of Endor, the book dives into the political battles looked by the New Republic as they endeavour to reestablish harmony in … Read more