Becoming (Audiobook) By Michelle Obama

Becoming Audiobook

Audience Review: Becoming Audiobook: Becoming Mp 3 Free is the journal of the first woman of the United States Michelle Obama, distributed in 2018. Depicted by the writer as a profoundly close-to-home insight, the book discusses her foundations and how she got comfortable with herself, just as her time in the White House, her general … Read more

How To Be An Antiracist (Audiobook) By Ibram X. Kendi

How to Be an Antiracist Audiobook

Audience Review: How To Be An Antiracist: How To Be An Antiracist Mp 3 Free is a 2019 verifiable book by American writer and student of history Ibram X. Kendi, which consolidates social editorial and journal. The book examines ideas of prejudice and Kendi’s recommendations against bigoted individual activities and foundational changes. How To Be … Read more

A Child Called It (Audiobook) By Dave Pelzer

Audience Review: A Child Called It Audiobook: A Child Called It Mp 3 Free is the extraordinary record of one of the most extreme kid misuse cases in California history. Dave Pelzer was ruthlessly beaten and starved by his depressed, alcoholic mother, who played painful games that left him almost dead. A Child Called It CD … Read more

I Am Malala (Audiobook) By Malala Yousafzai, Christina Lamb

I Am Malala Audiobook

Audience Review: I’m Malala Audiobook: I’m Malala Mp 3 free: The Story of the Girl Who Stood Up for Education and was Shot by the Taliban is a personal book by Malala Yousafzai, co-composed with Christina Lamb. It was distributed on 8 October 2013, by Weidenfeld and Nicolson in the UK and Little, Brown and … Read more

I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings (Audiobook) By Maya Angelou

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings audiobook

Audience Review: I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings: I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Mp 3 is a 1969 collection of memoirs portraying the youthful and early long periods of American essayist and artist Maya Angelou. The first in a seven-volume series, a story about growing up outlines how the strength of character … Read more