Girl In Pieces (Audiobook) By Kathleen Glasgow

  • Name: Girl In Pieces Audiobook.

  • Author: Kathleen Glasgow.

  • Published: August 30, 2016.

  • Series: None.

  • Genre: Young Adult, Mental Health, Contemporary, Fiction and Romance.

Audience Review: Girl In Pieces Audiobook:

Girl In Pieces MP 3 Free” is a poignant, uplifting, and at times, even lighthearted exploration of a young girl’s battle with self-harm. Seventeen-year-old Charlie Davis has endured more loss than most experience in a lifetime.

Girl In Pieces CD is likely to strike a chord with fans of Ellen Hopkins, given its gritty and raw portrayal of self-harm in a contemporary setting. The narrative is presented through concise, often one- or two-paragraph chapters, with occasional longer segments.

At the age of seventeen, Charlotte Davis finds herself shattered by the weight of her past. She has endured losses that would break most people, but she has found a way to escape the emotional turmoil. For Charlie, the act of self-inflicted pain offers a reprieve, a temporary respite from the deep sorrow that engulfs her.

Each cut washes away the sadness until only a sense of tranquillity remains. In her journey, she no longer needs to dwell on memories of her estranged father, the river, her departed best friend, or her mother, who has all but given up on saving her. With every new scar, Charlie’s heart hardens, but the pain persists, a necessary step towards recovery from the precipice of despair.

Girl In Pieces Audiobook

About Kathleen Glasgow:

Kathleen Glasgow is the talented author behind “Girl in Pieces.” She has also written “The Agathas,” “You’d Be Home Now,” “Girl in Pieces,” a New York Times bestseller and a Target Book Club selection, and “How to Make Friends with the Dark.” Her works demonstrate a profound understanding of the human experience, particularly in the face of adversity.


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