Gideon the Ninth (Audiobook) By Tamsyn Muir

  • Name: Gideon The Ninth Audiobook.

  • Author: Tamsyn Muir.

  • Published: September 10, 2019.

  • Series: The Locked Tomb Series. .

  • Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Fiction, LGBT, Queer.

Audience Review: Gideon The Ninth Audiobook

In dark fantasy literature, “Gideon the Ninth Mp 3” by Tamsyn Muir stands out as a brilliant and audacious work that defies conventions. Released in 2019, this novel has captured readers’ imaginations worldwide with its unique blend of necromancy, intrigue, and unforgettable characters.

Gideon the Ninth CD” received widespread critical acclaim upon its release. Tamsyn Muir’s debut novel was praised for its innovative approach to the fantasy genre. The novel garnered nominations for prestigious awards like the Hugo, Nebula, and Locus, earning a place in the hearts of both fans and critics alike. Muir’s storytelling prowess and her ability to create complex, multifaceted characters were particularly lauded. It is the First Book (01) in The Locked Tomb Series. 

Set in a decaying, haunted castle on a planet with multiple houses vying for necromantic power, “Gideon the Ninth Unabridged Audiobook” introduces us to the irreverent and foul-mouthed Gideon Nav, an indentured servant. When she’s suddenly summoned to serve her childhood nemesis, the powerful necromancer Harrowhark Nonagesimus, a mysterious competition unfolds.

The Ninth House must compete against other necromantic houses in a deadly game to ascend to godhood. As dark secrets and hidden agendas surface, Gideon and Harrow must join forces to survive, unravelling a web of treachery, necromancy, and forbidden desires.

Gideon the Ninth Audiobook

About The Author Tamsyn Muir:

Tamsyn Muir, the mastermind behind “Gideon the Ninth,” is a talented writer known for her penchant for blending genres and her distinctive narrative voice. With “Gideon the Ninth,” Muir has emerged as a prominent figure in contemporary fantasy literature, captivating readers with her darkly imaginative world and sharp wit.


Gideon The Ninth Mp 3


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