Eleanor And Park (Audiobook) By Rainbow Rowell

  • Name: Eleanor And Park Audiobook

  • Author: Rainbow Rowell.

  • Published: 2012

  • Series: None

  • Genre: Romance, Nove, Fiction and Book

  • Rating: 4.0

Audience Review: Eleanor And Park Audiobook:

Eleanor And Park Mp 3 is the principal youthful grown-up novel composed by Rainbow Rowell. Distributed in 2012, the story follows double accounts by Eleanor and Park, two rebels living in Omaha, Nebraska from 1986 to 1987. Eleanor, a pudgy 16-year-old young lady with wavy red hair, and Park, a half-Korean, 16-year-old kid, meet on a school transport on Eleanor’s first day at the school and continuously associate through comic books.

The basic gathering for Eleanor And Park Unabridged Audiobook has been for the most part sure. Kirkus Reviews said: “Entertaining, confident, profane, hot and tragic, this triumphant sentiment will enthral youngster and grown-up perusers the same.

Eleanor Douglas is starting tenth grade. She is the most seasoned in a group of two young ladies and three young men who live with their mom and stepfather, Richie, in a minuscule two-room house. The kids share one room. There is one restroom, and Richie has taken out the entryway and won’t permit a drape for protection.

Richie is genuinely and sincerely harmful to their mom and regularly smashed. The kids live in fear of him. Eleanor doesn’t possess a toothbrush or appropriately fitting garments. She fixes her garments in brilliant shadings, wears stripes in her hair, and makes peculiar attire mixes, over which her kindred understudies menace her. Eleanor has recently returned after dozing on the lounge chair of her natural father since Richie tossed her out a year earlier.

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About Rainbow Rowell:

Rainbow Rowell is an American creator known for youthful grown-up and grown-up contemporary books. Her young grown-up books Eleanor and Park (2012), Fangirl (2013), and Carry On (2015) have been subjects of basic approval.



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