China Rich Girlfriend (Audiobook) By Kevin Kwan

  • Name: China Rich Girlfriend Audiobook

  • Author: Kevin Kwan.

  • Published: June 16, 2015.

  • Series: Crazy Rich Asian Trilogy, Book# 2.

  • Genre: Novel, Humor, Fiction.

  • Rating: 3.8 Star Review on GoodReads.

Audience Review: China Rich Girlfriend Audiobook:

China Love Rich Girlfriend Mp 3 Free Kevin Kwan’s 2015 Love Comedy Novel. This is a series of Asians written by Crazy Rich, a novel about the wealthy of Singapore. This article refers to a series of novels in which Nick’s mother, Eleanor, expands China’s billion-dollar fortunes, not just a few million daily. They are the greatest in China. The novel was followed in 2017 by a series called Problems of Rich People.

China Rich Girlfriend Unabridged Audiobook received some positive reviews and was named the “Best Marine Reading of the Year” in the Washington Post and was quoted in Vanity Fair. McLean’s Anne Kingston wrote of the novel, “Kevin Kwan’s sequel to the best Asian retailers in Crazy Rich is a lot more fun than ever.” The book is the Second (02) in the Crazy Rich Asian Trilogy Audiobook Series.

The night before her wedding to Nicholas Young, one of the largest financial institutions in Asia, Rachel must have been more than a month old. She has a flawless diamond cut by Ascher from JAR, a boyfriend who is willing to give up all her favourite wedding dresses and all her possessions to marry her in Paris salons.

But Rachel still laments that her biological father, a man she does not know, cannot walk upstairs with her. Until: A shocking revelation captures the glory of Rachel Shanghai more than she ever imagined.

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China Rich Girlfriend Audiobook

About Kevin Kwan:

Kevin Kwan (born 1973) is a Singaporean-American novelist and author of the comic book Crazy Rich Asians, China Rich Girlfriend, and Rich People Problems. Her latest book Sex and Vanity was released in June 2020.


China Rich Girlfriend Audiobook Free


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