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City of Bones Audiobook (The Mortal Instruments, #1) – By Cassandra Clare

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City of Bones Audiobook is the principal metropolitan dream book in writer Cassandra Clare’s New York Times top-of-the-line series The Mortal Instruments. The novel is set in advanced New York City and has been delivered in a few dialects, including Bulgarian, Hebrew, Polish and Japanese.

City of Bones Audiobook

City of Bones Audiobook – Details And Storyline:

Name: City of Bones CD.
Author: Cassandra Clare.
Published: March 27, 2007.
Series: The Mortal Instruments, Book# 1.
Genre: The novel, Fiction, Fantasy Fiction, Urban Fantasy, Adventure fiction.
Rating: 4.1 Star Review.

Plot Review:

Basic gathering for City of Bones Unabridged Audiobook was for the most part certain, with Publishers Weekly referring to the book as “a convincing story”. Teenager Ink gave a blended audit, expressing that the book was “compelling” yet that pieces of the book were very unsurprising.

Clary goes to the Pandemonium club with her closest companion, Simon Lewis, where she sees a blue-haired kid and a dark-haired young lady slip into a storeroom, sought after by two other young men; one equipped with what seems, by all accounts, to be a blade.

She sends Simon for help and she follows the gathering into the storeroom, where she observes the blue-haired “kid” being killed; whereupon he evaporates from the room, with the clarification that evil presences “return to their home aspects when they kick the bucket.” Simon enters the storeroom with the bouncer close behind and questions why she is there alone, and understanding no other person can see the others, she mutters an expression of remorse.

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About The Author (Judith Lewis):

Judith Lewis, better known by her nom de plume Cassandra Clare, is an American creator of youthful grown-up fiction, most popular for her smash hit series The Mortal Instruments.

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