The Winds of Winter (Audiobook) By George R. R. Martin

Audience Review: The Winds of Winter Audiobook:

The Winds of Winter MP 3 Free is the arranged 6th novel in the legendary dream series A Song of Ice and Fire by American essayist George R. R. Martin. Martin accepts the last two volumes of the series will add up to more than 3,000 original copy pages. Martin has ceased making hard gauges for the last delivery date of the original after a few postponements.

This is one of the most anticipated novels by Martin. Readers all across the world have praised and appreciated it well. Media journals also have reviewed it positively. It will be the sixth 6th Book in the A Song of Ice And Fire Audiobook Series.

The Winds of Winter Unabridged Audiobook will take perusers farther north than any of the past books, and the Others will show up in the book. The past portion, A Dance with Dragons, covered less story than Martin expected, barring no less than one arranged huge fight succession and leaving a few person strings finishing off with cliffhangers.

Martin plans to determine these storylines “ahead of schedule” in The Winds of Winter, saying “I will open with the two major fights that I was moving toward, the fight in the ice and the fight at Meereen — the clash of Slaver’s Bay. And afterwards, take it from that point.” A Victarion Greyjoy section will start five minutes after the finish of A Dance with Dragons, occurring just before the Ironborn’s appearance in Slaver’s Bay.

The Winds of Winter Audiobook

About George R. R. Martin:

George Raymond Richard Martin is an American author, screenwriter, TV maker, and brief tale essayist. He is the creator of the series of epic dream books A Song of Ice and Fire, which was adjusted into the Emmy Award-dominating HBO series Match of Thrones.


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