The Disaster Artist (Audiobook) By Greg Sestero

  • Name: The Disaster Artist Audiobook.

  • Author: Greg Sestero.

  • Published: 2023.

  • Series: None.

  • Genre: Novel, Fiction, Fantasy and Book.

Audience Review: The Disaster Artist Audiobook:

The Disaster Artist MP 3 Free” written by Greg Sestero and Tom Bissell, is a captivating and often hilariously surreal memoir that takes readers behind the scenes of one of the most notoriously bad movies ever made, “The Room.” As the friend and co-star of the enigmatic Tommy Wiseau, Sestero provides a firsthand account of the film’s tumultuous production and the eccentricities of its mysterious director.

Upon its release, “The Disaster Artist Unabridged Audiobook” received widespread acclaim for its humour, sincerity, and insights into the world of filmmaking gone awry. Critics lauded it for its ability to humanize Tommy Wiseau, shedding light on the man behind the cinematic disaster.

The Disaster Artist Audiobook Free” chronicles Greg Sestero’s unlikely friendship with Tommy Wiseau, a mysterious and eccentric figure with seemingly unlimited funds and an insatiable desire to become a Hollywood star. Together, they embark on a journey to make a movie, resulting in the now-infamous “The Room.” Sestero’s narrative is a rollercoaster ride of ambition, madness, and creative conflict. He delves into the bizarre and sometimes infuriating behaviour of Wiseau while highlighting moments of genuine friendship and camaraderie.

The book provides an intimate look at the making of “The Room,” showcasing the behind-the-scenes chaos, mismanagement, and peculiar acting choices that contributed to the film’s cult status as the “Citizen Kane of bad movies.

The Disaster Artist Audiobook

About Greg Sestero:

Greg Sestero, a talented actor and writer, is best known for his role as Mark in “The Room.” He co-wrote “The Disaster Artist” with Tom Bissell, a seasoned author and journalist known for his works on a wide range of subjects.


The Disaster Artist Audiobook Free


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