Harry Potter And The Goblet of Fire (Audiobook) By J. K. Rowling

  • Name: Harry Potter And The Goblet of Fire Audiobook

  • Author: J. K. Rowling.

  • Published: July 8, 2000.

  • Series: Harry Potter Series, Book# 4.

  • Genre: Magic, Mystery, Fiction, Novel, and Book.

  • Rating: 4.8 Star Review.

Audience Review: Harry Potter And The Goblet of Fire Audiobook:

Harry Potter And The Goblet of Fire Mp 3 Free is a dream novel composed by British creator J. K. Rowling and the fourth novel in the Harry Potter series. It follows Harry Potter, a wizard in his fourth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the secret encompassing the passage of Harry’s name into the Triwizard Tournament, in which he is compelled to contend.

Harry Potter And The Goblet of Fire Unabridged Audiobook has gotten for the most part certain audits. In The New York Times Book Review, writer Stephen King expressed that The Goblet of Fire was “just as great as Potters 1 through 3” and adulated the humour and subplots. The book is the Fourth (04) in The Popular Harry Potter Series.

In an introduction, which Harry sees through a fantasy, Frank Bryce, Muggle overseer of a neglected chateau known as the Riddle House, is killed by Lord Voldemort after coincidentally finding him and Wormtail. Harry is awoken by his scar harming.

The Weasleys welcome Harry and Hermione Granger to the Quidditch World Cup, to which they travel utilizing a Portkey. After the match, covered Death Eaters, supporters of Voldemort, assault the campground. The Dark Mark is terminated out of sight, causing a mass frenzy. Harry finds his wand is absent.

It is subsequently found in the ownership of Winky, Barty Crouch’s home mythical person, and was utilized to project the Dark Mark. Barty Crouch fires Winky.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Audiobook

About J.K Rowling:

J.K Rowling has won numerous honours for her work. She was named to the Order of the British Empire and was designated an individual from the Order of the Companions of Honor for administration to writing and magnanimity. Harry Potter brought her riches and acknowledgement.

Harry Potter And The Goblet of Fire Audiobook Free

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