Crazy Rich Asians (Audiobook) By Kevin Kwan

  • Name: Crazy Rich Asians Audiobook

  • Author: Kevin Kwan.

  • Published: June 11, 2013.

  • Series: Crazy Rich Asians Trilogy.

  • Genre: Novel, Humor, Domestic Fiction.

  • Rating: 3.9 Star Review.

Audience Review: Crazy Rich Asians Audiobook:

Crazy Rich Asians Mp 3 is a mocking 2013 rom-com novel by Kevin Kwan. Kwan expressed that his expectation recorded as a hard copy of the novel was to “acquaint a contemporary Asia with a North American crowd”. He guaranteed the novel was approximately founded on his own adolescence in Singapore.

The original got positive surveys universally from sources including The New York Times, The Boston Globe, and The Independent. Janet Maslin of The New York Times composed the book, “Mr Kwan knows how to convey indulgences. The book is the First (01) in the Crazy Rich Asians Trilogy Series.

Crazy Rich Asians Audiobook Free is told according to the point of view of five primary characters: Rachel Chu, Nicholas (Nick) Young, Eleanor Young, Astrid Leong, and Edison Cheng. The story rotates around the fantastic wedding of Singapore’s most qualified single guy, Colin Khoo, and a style symbol, Araminta Lee, which everybody calls the wedding of the year.

Rachel is a New York University (NYU) teacher of financial aspects, who is initially from Cupertino, California. She was raised by her single parent and leads a commonplace working-class life. Whenever her sweetheart Nick, likewise an NYU teacher, takes her to meet his family in Singapore, she is uninformed about what is coming up for her. Even though he experienced childhood in London, Nick is a Singaporean local.

Crazy Rich Asians audiobook

About Kevin Kwan:

Kevin Kwan is a Singapore-conceived American author and essayist of ironical books Crazy Rich Asians, China Rich Girlfriend, and Rich People Problems. His most recent book, Sex, and Vanity was delivered in June 2020.


Crazy Rich Asians Audiobook Free


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