A Separate Peace (Audiobook) By John Knowles

  • Name: A Separate Peace Audiobook

  • Author: John Knowles.

  • Published: 1959

  • Series: None.

  • Genre: Novel, Fiction, Young Fiction.

  • Rating: 3.6 Stars

Audience Review: A Separate Peace Audiobook:

A Separate Peace Mp 3 Free is a transitioning novel by John Knowles, distributed in 1959. Given his previous brief tale “Phineas”, distributed in the May 1956 issue of Cosmopolitan, it was Knowles’ initially distributed novel and turned into his most popular work. Set against the background of World War II.

The Clever has been adjusted into two movies of a similar name. The main, featuring Parker Stevenson as Gene and John Heyl as Finny, with a screenplay by Fred Segal and John Knowles, was delivered in 1972 and became well known.

Quality Forrester returns to his old private academy, Devon fifteen years after graduating, to visit two spots he sees as “unfortunate destinations:” a trip of marble steps and a major tree by the stream. As a matter of first importance, he analyzes the steps and notices that they are made of marble.

Then, at that point, he goes to the tree, which brings back recollections of his time as an understudy at Devon. From that point on, the novel follows Gene’s portrayal from the mid-year of 1942 to the late spring of 1943. In 1942, he is 16 and living in Devon with his closest companion and flatmate, Phineas.

The Second Great War is occurring and prominently affects the story’s plot and characters. Quality and Finny, in spite of being contrary energies in character, are shockingly dear companions.

A Separate Peace Audiobook

About John Knowles:

Knowles was brought into the world on September 16, 1926, in Fairmont, West Virginia, the child of James M. Knowles, a buying specialist from Lowell, Massachusetts, and Mary Beatrice Shea Knowles from Concord, New Hampshire.


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