A Man Called Ove (Audiobook) By Fredrik Backman

  • Name: A Man Called Ove Audiobook

  • Author: Fredrik Backman.

  • Published: August 27, 2012.

  • Series: None.

  • Genre: Fiction. Fantasy, Book.

  • Rating: 4.4 Stars

Audience Review: A Man Called Ove Audiobook:

A Man Called Ove MP 3 Free is a novel by Swedish author Fredrik Backman distributed by Forum in 2012. The novel was distributed in English in 2013 and arrived at the New York Times Best Seller list a year and a half after its distribution and remained on the rundown for a long time.

Kirkus Reviews gave a positive survey of the novel, portraying how, “the origin story parts have a basic, fablelike quality, while the current-day sections are wordy and, now and again, madly interesting.

Ove is a curmudgeon, the sort of man who focuses on individuals he detests as though they were robbers gotten external his window. He has steadfast standards, relentless schedules, and a short wire. Individuals call him ‘the unpleasant neighbour from hellfire.’ However, behind the grumpy outside, there is a story and a pity.

So when one November morning a loquacious youthful couple with two garrulous youthful little girls move in nearby and unintentionally smooth Ove’s letter drop, it is the lead-in to a diverting and endearing story of unkempt felines, unforeseen fellowship, and the old speciality of support up a U-Haul.

All of which will transform one grouchy elderly person and a neighbourhood occupant’s relationship to their actual establishments.

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A Man Called Ove Audiobook

About Fredrik Backman:

Fredrik Backman (2 June 1981) is a Swedish creator, blogger, and journalist. He composed A Man Called Ove (2012), Things My Son Needs to Know About the World (2012), My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry (2013), Britt-Marie Was Here (2014), Beartown (2017), Us Against You (2018), and Anxious People (2020).


A Man Called Ove MP 3


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